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Dynamic test

RooMeye Child Restraint System,  on the one hand, rely on the patent integrated technology of soft energy absorption, thus protecting children to the greatest extent; on the other hand, built-in steel skeleton + injection molding skeleton are stronger than the traditional injection molding skeleton. The industry standard value of dummy head displacement (the displacement caused by impact) is 500; the smaller the value is, the higher the safety factor is. The head displacement of safety seats on the market are about 400, while the average of the RooMeye children safety seat is about 350, 15% better than others. The industry standard value of the 3-millisecond composite acceleration of the dummy's thorax (the acceleration limit value acting at the center of gravity of the thorax within 3 milliseconds) is 55g, that of safety seats are almost at 40~45g, and the average value of RooMeye is about 30g, at least 25% better than them. It is not hard to see that RooMeye children safety seats are at least 15% safer than others sold on the market!